Black Gold School Division to test emergency alert system

The test will be performed to address any system gaps, as well as raise awareness with parents regarding how the system works.

The Black Gold School Division is testing its emergency alert notification system by using contacts within the division's student information system.

The test is scheduled to occur Monday, November 18 at 10:30 AM and is intended to flush out any possible gaps in the system that could affect the school division's ability to alert parents and students to emergencies. In addition to trying to uncover any errors in the current system, the test will also help to raise parental awareness regarding the system's crucial goal of keeping parents informed and students safe. 

During the test, as well as in the event of a real emergency, parents will receive alerts via text, email and phone call. Black Gold School Division will also be testing its hotlines, as well as its social media and web alerts.

The division stresses that during emergencies, the protection of students and staff is the Black Gold's highest priority. When it is deemed safe to do so, the school division will then apprise affected areas of the ongoing situation, keeping people informed and better prepared to help themselves, and others. 

Parents are encouraged to check that their contact information is up to date in the PowerSchool system, and should contact the school directly to make changes to their contact information. Parents must opt-in to receive text message updates and may do so in their SchoolMessenger preferences.

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