Betty Glassman is Back on the Ballot

Betty Glassman is running in the municipal election in Division 5.

Looking to get back on Leduc County council.

This is the goal of Betty Glassman, who will have her name on the ballot in Leduc County, for Division 5. Glassman explained to One News in an exclusive interview why she decided to run once again. " I was council previously for two terms, and I loved the job. I love people. I am a fixer. I am a neurturer, and that is what this job is all about. Saving my community."

With this in mind, Glassman believes she is a strong candidate to sit on council. " I've been a front line worker all my life. In all of the careers I have had. Being on council I have knowledge of the County operations and I am confident that I can do the job." 

There are going to be some fresh faces on Leduc County Council following the 2017 municipal election as there are three current members of council not re-running. Glassman believes her past experience can be a major asset to council to help out the new members. " I know what it was like starting. The first term is a big learning curve. It takes quite a while. After election day business goes on, and you have to hit the bricks running "

Glassman is running against current Division 5 Councillor Tanni Doblanko for a seat on council.

The 2017 municipal election is set for Monday, October 16th.

To hear more from Betty Glassman, click the player below:

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