Bernier stops by Leduc as part of provincial tour

Exclusive interview with People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and local candidate Neil Doell

The man who called himself "the Albertan from Quebec" says he offers a truer vision of conservatism.

That's the message from Maxime Bernier the leader of the People's Party of Canada who's making the round across the province as part of a 10-day tour to get his message of freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect.

Since his new party became official in January the former foreign affairs minister has said they will tackle everything from extreme multiculturalism to not doing anything when it comes to climate change.

The Peoples Party of Canada got over 30,000 members signed up within the first few months of existence.  

Maxime Bernier and the Edmonton-Wetaskiwin candidate for the area Neil Doell spoke with The Radio this morning in the studio about the party's platform, Trans Mountain, Climate Change and immigration among other things.  (JSL/THE ONE)

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