Beaumont set to become Alberta's newest city in 2019

Beaumont to become the 19th city in Alberta in the New Year

2019 will mark a historic milestone for the community of Beaumont.

As of January 1st, they will become the 19th city in Alberta and in the process, they'll be the 15th largest in the province.

Beaumont Mayor John Stewart tells The One News the benefits he sees with becoming a city.

"It's a great thing to help us create a buzz around our city cause people think of cities and towns differently and so when we're creating that buzz around our community we want people to think of a young and growing community with a unique French character that you can come live, invest and play in, so basically we're just trying to change the mindset to get people that haven't had a look at us before to come have that look at us" says Stewart.

Beaumont is already the 5th fastest growing community in Canada with an annualized five-year growth rate at 4.1%.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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