Beaumont By-Election Candidate: Scott Reddick

Scott Reddick

For the second time, Scott Reddick is looking to take the final seat on Beaumont Council.

With the Beaumont By-Election just a few short weeks away, Scott Reddick is going to see if he make it on council after unfortunately losing in the 2017 election.

During the 2017 election, Reddick finished with 907 votes total and a 4.3% voting percentage.

Reddick and his family have lived in Beaumont since 2011 and he owns and operates SGR Courier and has been an entrepreneur for the last 5 years.. Reddick is also a red seal chef and has managerial experience in the restaurant industry.

Reddick says it’s important for a community to create opportunities for businesses and collaboration amongst various organizations and community members, he also says it’s a priority to create a clear and easy system where individuals can participate in providing input, feel like they’re being heard and maintain positive and acceptable communication amongst town council members, administration, and community members.

When asked why he is re-running Reddick responded with “The biggest reason to run it’s important for us as a community to create opportunities for business both new and existing, that’s my number one goal it always has been from the last election to now”.

When asked what he learned Reddick went on to say “I’ve learned a ton from the very first campaign to the first election it was a learning experience on every front, every single thing was a new experience.”

Beaumont Residents can go to the Polls on February 5th to cast their votes.

The full unedited interview with Scott Reddick can be heard by clicking the link below.



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