Beaumont By-Election Candidate: Krista Regier

Krista Regier

Krista Regier has put her name on the ballot for the 2018 Beaumont By-Election in hopes she will fill the currently vacant seat on Beaumont Town Council.

After running during the 2017 Municipal election in Beaumont, Beaumont resident Krista Regier is hoping this time she will claim the open council position when residents take to the polls during the 2018 By-election on Feb. 5, 2018.

During the 2017 election, Regier received a total of  501 votes with a vote percentage of 2.4%.

Regier told One News in an exclusive interview why she decided to run again after unfortunately not being able to claim a seat.

"I decided to run again because my commitment to [the] community has not changed," she said. "I initially ran because I wanted to be apart of the community, I wanted to be a representative for the town. That hasn't changed. I still want to be a voice for the residents, I still want to be open and available to represent them."

Continuing from the last election Regier explains her main goal as "being engaged in the community." Regier added she wants to help residents who may not know how to approach council or the town with concerns they have.

During the 2017 Municipal election Regier said, "I really believe in being a voice for people. I will come [to council] with my own ideas, but my ideas aren't necessarily going to jive with what the rest of the community wants so I need to be able to bring in my ideas, bring [residents] ideas in and really fight for people. And I believe I can do that." 

Since the end of the 2017 election, Regier has said she has been attending council meetings, committee of the whole meetings as well as volunteering within the community. 

"I've remained involved in the community I didn't see Oct. 16, 2017 as an end, but as a new beginning for myself."

Beaumont Residents will head to the polls on February 5, 2018.

The full, unedited interview with Krista Regier, can be heard by clicking the player below.

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