Beaumont By-Election Candidate: Jeremy Kornel

Jeremy Kornel

Jeremy Kornel has put his name on the ballot for the 2018 Beaumont By-Election in hopes he will fill the currently vacant seat on Beaumont Town Council.

President and Director of the Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival planning committee and a current board member with the Beaumont Society for the Arts, Jeremy Kornel has put his name on the ballot for the 2018 By-election in Beaumont.

This will be Kornel's second time running for a position on council as he was just three votes away from claiming a seat on council receiving a total of  1,330 votes and a vote percentage of 6.4% during the 2017 municipal election in Beaumont.

When asked why he decided to run again during the by-election after just missing out on a seat he said, ". . . in the 2017 election I was very close, I came in seventh place and only missed out by three votes. So, that to me indicating a showing of support from the community and I still am confident that I have a lot to offer to this role and I'm prepared to step in and be effective from day one."

When asked if anything has changed regarding his campaign platform Kornel told one news that the basics for his platform have remained the same.

"I believe in accountability and integrity and planning for the future and for now," he explained. "I guess all that's changed is I have a little better knowledge of the [current council members]. It's only one seat, and stepping into a council and mayor that's been working for a few months now and having gone through the process of  the previous campaign I've gotten to know those people on a different level and know how they work and know what skills each has to offer and see where I can confidently step in and add to that theme, and really make it the most effective team we can."

Kornel's campaign platform consists of proactive planning, accountability and community as well as a focus and a positive approach.

"I'm confident in my experience and in my skill set. I've spent a lot of years working in different roles as a volunteer with the town on different committees," he explained and added, "I've worked on town policy and have first hand knowledge of what it takes to create policy and implement policy for the town of Beaumont, and that's one of the key jobs of council."

Beaumont Residents will head to the polls on February 5, 2018.

The full, unedited interview with Jeremy Kornel, can be heard by clicking the player below.

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