Beaumont By-Election Candidate: Christine McCarville

Christine McCarville

Christine McCarville has put her name on the ballot for the 2018 Beaumont By-Election in hopes she will fill the currently vacant seat on Beaumont Town Council.

Christine McCarville's name will be on the ballot as Beaumont residents take to the polls during the 2018 By-Election.

Voters will recognize this name as McCarville previously ran in the 2017 Municipal Election which saw her with a vote percentage of 4% with 830 votes total.

"My passion and dedication for the community has not changed," McCarville explained to One News. "I feel like I can still help create and be apart of the change. I believe I can contribute to providing an ongoing strong and effective leadership that will carry Beaumont into the future."

When speaking with One News, McCarville explained that not much has changed in her campaign platform this go around with priorities including a policing review, fiscal responsibility, bringing business to Beaumont and building a sense of community.

McCarville currently runs her own Financial Planning Practice and is active in the community with a history of volunteering with both the Hockey and Ringette communities around the Ken Nichol Centre. 

I feel like I would be a great fit as your town councilor," she explained. "I'm a certified financial planner and every day my clients place their financial well being in my hands. Because of this, I understand the significance of responsible planning and economic development when using your tax dollars.

"As a team player, I feel I would work well with the current council because each member has a niche they excel at, mine happens to be the financial end."

Beaumont Residents will head to the polls on February 5, 2018.

The full, unedited interview with Christine McCarville, can be heard by clicking the player below.

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