Attracting Business and Fiscal Sustainability at the top of Leduc's 2020 wishlist

2020 budget survey results in Leduc

People of Leduc voted in record numbers on where they would like to see money spent in next year's budget.

Based on the results released on the 2020 Budget Planning Survey the majority of people want the top priorities to be attracting new business and amenities and maintaining current ones at the same time.

That came in tied with a focus on long-term sustainability at 22% for respondents just ahead of preparing for and reaction to changes in the economy which came in at 15%.When it comes to property taxes the results were as follows:

-15%-finding ways to lower property taxes in the future

-13%- ensuring property taxes stay the same in the future
-11%- planning for future growth to prevent overcrowding

The top area people want to see council increase spending was Family and Community Support at 27%.

Next was Police Protection and Enforcement Services at 24%, with 19% voting for Fire and Ambulance Services.

The area people felt could see a decrease in spending the most was in Recreation Centre Operations at 22%.

Next was Library Services, Community Development and Public Transportation who all received 21% of the vote.

A record of 940 people took part in the survey.

The feedback found in the survey will help guide discussions at the budget deliberation in the fall.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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