Alberta chamber calls on provincial parties to focus on the economy in 2019

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Vote Prosperity campaign calls of Alberta politicians to focus on the economy in the 2019 election

Alberta's Chamber of commerce is encouraging Albertans to really consider the economy heading into next year's election.

The group announced a Vote Prosperity campaign which calls on political parties to strengthen business competitiveness along with growing interprovincial trade and balancing the budget.

Chamber President and CEO Ken Kobly tells The One News how it's possible to fulfill all 3 of those priorities.

"When you facilitate freer trade not only with other countries but freer trade within the provinces you'll create additional jobs, and you'll in effect create additional tax revenue for both the provincial and federal governments, you'll create property taxes for municipalities, so I think it's a win for the employer, it's a win for the employee, and certainly it's a win for government in that they get to see additional tax revenues coming in to help them try to balance their budget" says Kobly.

Kobly says they aren't about to tell people who they should vote for and says he hopes the 2019 campaign will be more about discussing policies rather than personalities.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)


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