A new book about Leduc's history is on the shelves

A local author has published a book on Leduc's history called Leduc: Then & Now

Leduc: Then & Now goes through many historical events that took place.

 Author Tom Dirsa who has lived in the city for 10 years says knowing the history of a community is important for many reasons including learning from the past. 

Dirsa says one of the interesting things that came out of the research was "Oil was discovered in 1914 just east of Leduc. It was also at the same time when the Turner Valley discovery was made. Oil companies concentrated on Turner Valley, and the discovery in Leduc got washed in history."   

" I think the book will help understand some of the things we have. The interesting thing people aren't aware of is the City of Leduc really became a city based on a conflict with the County of Leduc on the educational system,"  says Dirsa.

Dirsa says in his years of writing and the number of books he has published, Leduc: Then & Now will be his last great effort.

He also says he is very proud of the book, and that it took a lot of research to complete.

Copies of Leduc: Then & Now can be found at the Leduc Public Library. (AJS/THEONE) 



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