A local group getting a government grant

Photo Courtesy Leduc Nisku Economic Development Association

Leduc's Leading Women getting a grant

The Alberta Status of Women Community Grant program gives one-time funding to organizations for projects and activities that ultimately improve the lives of women and girls.

Christina Forth who is the Chair of Leduc's Leading Women says "having peers or support groups surrounding those women help give them the initiative or the backing or the support that they need to take a step forward." 

"There is a lot of different diversity we have in our group. We have women who have been running for politics that we have been behind and supported. We have ladies that are immigrants, new to the country and understanding the ways of Canadians and voting. Local businesses as well as ladies trying to step up and figure out what their mission is and what roles they want to take on in the community."   

" I think its key that we help support each other in our community. I know that there are other areas and other events going on in larger cities that draw women into those locations, so I think if we can do a little bit more local it really resonates with what's happening in the community and surrounding areas."  says Forth. 

Their goal is to build a community of women leaders and influencers in the Leduc region through mentoring and connections. (AJS/THEONE) 

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