A local business owner giving back to the community

A local business is giving back to the community with a fundraiser

Gina Cornell, Owner of Elements Day Spa is throwing a fundraiser for The Ronald Mcdonald House Charities in Northern Alberta.

Cornell who is the organizer of the fundraiser shares with the one news why she thinks its so important to give back to the community. " Fundraisers and community events like this, that's what keeps people strong, united, and sharing the same the thought and energy." 

Cornell and her staff decided to give back to the Ronald Mcdonald House because she says she has met many people in Leduc who have had to utilize the foundation. She also mentions that she knows where the money is going, and hearing the stories from their clients has touched their heart.    

 Cornell says "Leduc has always had that very strong sense of community and I think it needs to be celebrated and talked about more." 

This is the second year Cornell has organized the fundraiser, and this year the name of it is The Old World Carnival. 

She says there are plans to throw another fundraiser in the spring for Mental Health Awareness Month. 

It starts at 6:30 pm at the Red Tail Landing Golf Club. 


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