A Beaumont teacher has been honored with a very prestigious award

A local teacher has been honored with a very special award

Amanda Green who teaches science at Champs Vallee High School in Beaumont received the outstanding science teacher award over the weekend along with a longtime friend of hers Julie Arsenault.

Arsenault is a teacher from Edmonton. They met five years ago at a science council conference.

Three years ago the two started the Mars Seven Project and this year there is a special addition to the project. Microbits. Green hopes to connect the microbits to sensors, and she says would like her students to use them for the engineering design process.  

Green tells The One News how the program has been received by her students " I think they really like it. I think it's a different way to look at science. You know we have our standard units in our curriculum and our resources that we use as teachers. We do labs and all those kind of things but when you can do more project-based learning, that puts the learning in their hands and that makes it about something that's just not a real world application but super futuristic."

Green also says even though every kid may not be a scientist, they can still have a knowledge of how science works.


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