60 young leaders recognized at 5th annual Mayor’s Youth Leadership Awards

Leaders between Grades 7-12 were recognized for their character, service, and leadership.

The City of Leduc recognized the commitment and dedication made by youth in the community.

60 students between Grades 7 and 12 took part in yesterday’s 5th annual Mayor’s Youth Leadership Awards Luncheon.

Leduc Mayor Greg Krischke says there are many different ways youth are showing leadership in the community.

“It could be volunteering in different places. It could just be a mentor to younger youth. There are so many ways these kids are showing leadership in the community and they are our future.”

Krischke says it’s important to talk about the positive impact youth has on our community.

“To many times I think people see vandalism or they see petty crime or those kinds of things and they blame youth. And in some cases it is, not always, but often youth get painted with that same brush and it’s important to recognize that there are a lot of youth out there as leaders.”

Each year the city receives nominations from coaches, teachers, and adult mentors to highlight the dedication made by youth in the community.

This year’s recipients, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Abigail Issler
  • Adjrian Eisenkrein
  • Anna Ehrenholz
  • Anthony Chu
  • Avery Braaten
  • Belicia Macias
  • Blaze Peterson
  • Brett Hassen
  • Brianna Tolsma
  • Brittany Determan
  • Celeina Baird
  • Conor Roy
  • Dakota Wedman
  • Dawson Brannen
  • Emma Neilsen
  • Eric Losing
  • Ethan Johnson
  • Fallon Shelton
  • Grace Miller
  • Haidyn Napier-Whiting
  • Isaac Meetsma
  • Jade Austin
  • Jasmine Meyer
  • Joshua Meetsma
  • Joshua Martin
  • Kamrin Loitz
  • Katelyn Lake
  • Kaydee deWaal
  • Kennedy Horn
  • Kirsten Kuny
  • Laura Keller
  • Leah Geiger
  • Logan Gill
  • Lordana Lacasse
  • Mackayla Brooks
  • Mackenzie McElligott
  • Madeline Robbenhaar
  • Mateaka Ritter
  • Megan Davis
  • Megan Froese
  • Mohammed Hashem
  • Nicole Carrobourg
  • Noah Peters
  • Paige Bommassar
  • Pieter vanBruinessen
  • Rebecca Oxford
  • Rory Stadler
  • Rose Marie Meyer
  • Sedona Lawson
  • Steele Blair
  • Taryn Jenkins
  • Taylor Melvie
  • Teegan Connell
  • Teresa Rocha
  • Trey Hamilton
  • Tristan Mitchell
  • Wyatt Carr
  • Zach Lindskoog
  • Zachary Tremblay
  • Zachary Lapointe

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