2018 Devon Environmental Sustainability Awards

Photo Courtesy Town of Devon

This past weekend marked the 2018 DESA awards!

The winner of the Devon Environmental Sustainability Award was Snippers INC, they were applauded for their work in diverting waste from landfills, using energy efficient LED lighting and water efficient showerheads as well as being part of the Green Circle Salon program.

Hady's grocer finished in second place with their work in energy-efficient LED lighting upgrades, reducing food waste to landfill donations and using a cardboard bailer to effectively recycle.

Andy Tchir the Environment and Sustainability Coordinator for Devon says "The business in Devon are Obviously important members of our community and it's been very encouraging and very positive to see not only the businesses applying and winning the awards but ones that maybe didn't win or ones that did win are looking to do more initiatives."  

The two runner-ups were Keep it Clean and Green and the Devon IGA.

If you would like more information you can contact the town of Devon or follow the link. https://bit.ly/2COYxIN


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