UCP candidate aims to reignite the economy

Brad Rutherford says If Leduc-Beaumont does well so will Alberta

Alberta's Opposition Party is hoping to get people back to work by reigniting the economy and standing up to Justin Trudeau.

Those are just a couple things Brad Rutherford the candidate for Leduc-Beaumont is running on, and he's also promising to cut red-tape and reduce the corporate tax rate.

Speaking to The One News Rutherford adds there's a lot of work they need to do when it comes to addressing schools in the area which are becoming overcrowded.

"We're gonna need schools built quickly, the schools that were finished here came out of the 2013-15 PC era, so we're behind now and we're going to need to get going on that," says Rutherford.

The UCP came under fire during the campaign with the resignation of some candidates like Eva Kyriakos and Caylan Ford.

In spite of it, all Rutherford says he's never doubted Jason Kenney's ability to lead.

"I'm just as confident in Jason today as I was a year ago, when I supported him in the unity agreement and becoming UCP leader, with a few of the candidates that have resigned recently, they have done and said some things that required decisive action and Jason showed that leadership and they're no longer members of our team" he says.

He goes on to say this region could have a huge impact on the rest of the province.

"If Alberta's doing well Leduc-Beaumont's doing well and vice-versa with Nisku once the largest oil and gas Industrial supplier in North America, we have Leduc industrial, the airport, and the infrastructure that goes through this riding, the QE2, there's rail lines, we have a 24/7 airport, so the ability of this riding to prosper economically is there if we can get the support to the oil and gas sectors" says Rutherford.

Rutherford is also vowing to scrap the carbon tax and defend Alberta's resources.

You can hear the full interview with Rutherford and learn more about him by visiting https://www.bradrutherford.ca/.

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