Provincial Election promises to be very busy at polls

Election day around Alberta

Voters head to the ballot boxes today in the Alberta election, and this year's turnout at advance polls suggests it could be busy at polling stations.

Almost 700,000 people voted early this year -triple the number who voted early in the 2015 election.

That year, Rachel Notley's N-D-P delivered a surprise knockout blow to the 44-year run of the Progressive Conservatives.

This time around, the P-C's have merged with another right-center party, the Wildrose, to create the United Conservative Party under ex-federal cabinet minister Jason Kenney.

You can find out all you need to know about the candidates in this area by visiting

To find your polling station you can type in your address to find the closest one to you  Remember for election day you must vote in your riding.

The polls open at 9 am and will close at 8 pm.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS/CP)

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