Liberal candidate from Beaumont promises to revitalize the Economy with sustainable and stable options

Alberta Liberal Candidate wants to ensure the region isn't entirely dependent on oil and gas

Balancing the unacceptable unemployment rate with an ecological solution is at the top of the list of a Leduc-Beaumont candidate.

Chris Fenske has lived his entire life in Beaumont and is hoping to represent this riding with the Alberta Liberal Party on this platform along with a plan to invest in the oil sector and deal with the overcrowded schools in the region.

Fenske tells The One News the importance in diversifying Alberta's numerous industries.

"The Alberta Liberal Party is looking towards economic growth but also branching that growth outwards into more sectors to be able to get off the oil roller coaster so that if something like the economic situation we've seen in recent years happens again we're not hit quite so hard," says Fenske.

If elected the Liberals are promising a municipal power of veto over oil and gas drilling within their boundaries.

Fenske explains the benefits he sees in this idea.

"The provinces focus therefor would be so split on so many different municipalities trying to keep track of all the goings on, we would let the municipalities handle the day to day stuff and handle everything that they could and give us their best recommendations on what they need and then work with them from their" he says.

One of the other things they're promising is a basic income plan, something Fenske believes will be a huge benefit to low-income couples and individuals who may be struggling.

"Too many people are making decisions that they shouldn't have to make and I'm talking about the choice between groceries and having to keep the heat on and in Alberta that's a heck of a choice to be in, you know too many Albertans are living paycheck to paycheck or not even there, a basic income plan would also reduce health care costs, let's face it those who are in poverty they put off dental care that they might need" says Fenske.

Fenske adds he wants to have a system designed to keep Albertans out of hospitals by focusing on nutrition, mental health, and quality seniors care.

Fenske believes there needs to be a better education system built in Alberta which focuses on better preparing and the individual student's needs.

You can hear the full interview with Fenske and the Liberals platform here  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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