Leduc-Beaumont candidate says the time to separate is now

Kevin Dunn says it's now or never for Alberta to separate

Alberta's Independence Party is hoping for your support to save the province.

That's the message from the likes of Kevin Dunn who's running to be MLA in Leduc-Beaumont believing separation would make Alberta the greatest country in the world.

Dunn tells The One News being an independent landlocked nation will not harm our trade industry.

"It's not a problem at all you have to understand we're talking about keeping billion and billions of dollars and once we separate they have no jurisdiction to take that money anymore, nothing, there's nothing they can do so the funding is not even a concern it's the least of our concerns" says Dunn.

Dunn says as a landlocked nation they'd be given Tidal water access by UN mandate which would enable projects like Trans Mountain to get the green light.

He explains what needs to be done when it comes to diversifying Alberta.

"The first thing we have to do is create a spectacular educational system, then once we have that now we can start looking at advanced research centres in different degrees, but that's where I would like to diversify because we have actually already gone into those fields as it is now especially with the medical research" he says.

He says when it comes to separating it needs to be done soon.

"It's really now or never, to be honest with you, that's what I keep trying to tell people, either become your own country now or you won't time in the next four-year election it'll be too late," says Dunn.

Dunn adds they're determined to see Alberta gain autonomy and will relentlessly pursue this goal.

You can hear our full interview with Dunn and learn more about his party platform here https://albertaindependence.ca/.

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