Independent Candidate for Leduc-Beaumont wants to tackle economy and equalization

Sharon Maclise outlines pros she sees to electing an Independent

The Independent candidate for Leduc-Beaumont is vowing to tackle equalization and the provincial economy if elected on April 16.

Sharon Maclise ran as a candidate for the Wildrose back in 2008 and was with the party until the merger with the PC's in 2017.

Maclise tells The One News what her number priority is if elected an MLA.

"Getting our oil and gas to market and that's pretty much a given, it's a particularly significant for Leduc-Beaumont, so much of the economy of this area depends upon that industry so if we do not answer that question we're really going to bog down on all issues," says Maclise.

Maclise believes it's time we gave Albertans a chance to discuss the prospect of separation.

When it comes to electing an Independent Maclise says there are a lot of benefits "I would be a totally independent voice for them, someone who they know they can reach out to and that I will hear them, I don't have to filter any conversations with them, any of my representation through anybody else, the buck will stop here" she says.

Maclise says representation is more than just being elected an MLA but also representing the views and decision of the people of Leduc-Beaumont.

If you want to learn more about Maclise and her platform you can hear the full interview with her here

You can learn more about her at  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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