FCP candidate wants to increase Alberta's Democratic Power

Power of recall legislation makes Freedom Conservative Party an ideal choice says Leduc-Beaumont candidate

Nine people are looking to represent this area for the next four years as we are on the eve of the provincial election.

One of those is Jeff Rout from the Freedom Conservative Party who wants to increase the democratic power of Albertans and the independence of Alberta while also eliminating the carbon tax.

Rout tells The One News one distinction he sees that sets himself apart from the other 8 candidates.

"Our first representative, our first duty is to represent our constituents, it's not the party, so if our constituents disagree with the party, I vote for the constituency, not the party," says Rout.

For Rout the most important issue the province needs to address is "It's not taxation, it's not equalization payments, it's not pipelines its none of that stuff, those are all symptoms, the disease is our lack of democratic power, that's what it is, so we need to increase our democratic power, and this is a struggle that has gone on for centuries, so it's nothing new and we just got to take the bull by the horns".

Rout adds if elected they would eliminate the carbon tax saying it hasn't done anything good for Albertans.

He insists they're not a separatist party but says there's a lot of Albertans on board with potentially becoming independent.

"There's a lot of support for independence right now in Alberta, it a remarkable amount of support, and Ottawa is ignoring it completely, and they don't talk about it, newspapers in the east will only talk about it disparagingly, as if Albertan opinions are completely ridiculous and not worth listening to, so that's the type of attitude they've got" says Rout.

You can hear Rout's entire interview with us on here and to learn more about the Freedom Conservative Party just visit https://www.freedomconservativeparty.ca/.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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