Brad Rutherford to represent Leduc-Beaumont for the next four years as UCP wins majority government

UCP wins a majority government

Four years ago the PC's and the Wildrose won only 30 seats between them but tonight as the United Conservative Party (UCP) things changed in a big way as Jason Kenney and the UCP will be governing the province over the next 4 years. 

Here is Leduc-Beaumont there will be a change as Brad Rutherford unseeded Shaye Anderson as MLA.  The soon to be new MLA for the area tells The One News what it means to be given the opportunity to represent this riding for the next 4 years. 

"It's surreal actually, you never quite know what's going to happen until the results come in, it's been an amazing journey the last year, the amount of people that have supported me and you can't win an election without them so I'm very proud of the team and the faith that they've put in me" says Rutherford.

He adds "I think what people want is a plan for the future and what this election was about was the economy and that was apparent at the doors 6 months ago when I started campaigning for this election and that people were talking about jobs, the economy, oil and gas, pipelines, and that was a consistent theme throughout".

There were 9 candidates running in this riding.

With 86 of 90 polls reporting Brad Rutherford has close to 9,000 votes, Anderson is next with over 4,500, in third was Robb Connelly from the Alberta Party with more than 1,500 votes. In fourth was Gil Poitras from the Alberta Advantage Party, followed closely by Jeff Rout from the Freedom Conservative Party, Chris Fenske was next for the Alberta Liberals, followed next by Jenn Roach from the Green Party, next was Kevin Dunn with the Alberta Independence Party and finally Sharon Maclise an Independent.

You can see all the results here

Mike Lake, the current Conservative MP for Edmonton-Wetaskiwin tweeted out last night his thanks to outgoing MLA Shaye Anderson 

Anderson meanwhile tweeted out congratulations to the man stepping into his role as MLA saying 

Meanwhile, in Maskwacis-Wetaskiwin there will be a new MLA as Rick Wilson has defeated the NDP incumbent Bruce Hinkley.  

And in spite of the controversy surrounding Mark Smith for his homophobic remarks that surfaced, he has little trouble regaining his seat in Devon-Drayton Valley as he will be re-elected there.

The UCP were able to get more than 54% of the popular vote while the NDP finished at last count with just over 30%.

The NDP will form the official opposition, they were the only other party who won seats beside the UCP.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)




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