Alberta Party candidate says his party offers nice alternative to voters

Robb Connelly aiming to be MLA in Leduc-Beaumont

A NAIT Instructor with decades of energy experience is hoping to represent Leduc-Beaumont as the MLA.

Robb Connelly is running for the Alberta Party with a goal of growing the economy and getting people back to work. 

Connelly tells The One News how important this region is for the rest of the province.

"I think that Leduc-Beaumont has on Alberta is similar to the relationship that Alberta has for Canada, it's very important and we need to not be giving up on this constituency and area of the province," says Connelly.

When it comes to the carbon tax, something he plans to eliminate if elected, Connelly says there are better ways to reduce Co2 emissions that imposing a carbon levy.

"We need to do something with climate change, we are and Canada and the world is producing more oil and gas which creates great revenue if you're collecting taxes on carbon however it does not help the environment," he says.

You can hear Connelly's full interview here

For information about him and the Alberta Party, you can visit  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)


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