Advance Polling already sets new record for votes cast

Nearly 276,000 votes already cast in Advance polling

The provincial election has set a new record and there are still 6 days left of campaigning.

Yesterday Elections Alberta says there were around 136,000 people who voted, a significant jump from day two of Advance polling in 2015 when about 50,000 Albertans cast their vote.

In total over the first two days of advance voting close to 276,000 people have cast their ballots this year which sets a new all-time record, beating the old mark set over a four-day stretch 4 years ago when there were 235,000 votes counted.

The vote anywhere option for advance polling seems to have contributed to the high numbers as Elections Alberta says 83,000 of the 276,000 votes cast were from people outside their constituency.

There's still 3 more days of advance polling if you're going to be out of town on election day on Tuesday.

The vote anywhere option is only available on advance polling days, meaning if you're not in your constituency on April 16 you won't be able to cast your vote.

For more information on polling stations, you can visit  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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